Fresher Fish

Ever wondered where the fish you eat comes from? The oceans sustain all life on Earth and are vitally important to our own lives. Although they cover more than 70 percent of our planet, the oceans are not infinitely resilient, and our quest for more and more seafood has brought about disastrous consequences.


The health of the oceans impacts many of our primary concerns, including our own health and nutrition, access to food for all economic levels, sustainable economic development, our social structures, and just plain delicious meals. 

Leading the Way

The Crispy Cod received a refurbishment 3 years ago and now leads the way in Wales with fully digital fixtures and fittings meaning everything is set, timed, and cooked to perfection. Our curries, sauces, chickens, pies and more are all homemade, prepared by trained staff, plus all of our fish is cooked to order meaning its fresh every time!

Freshly Chipped Potatoes

Our Award Winning Chips are made from a selection of potatoes, chosen dependent on the season, all of which are free from viruses and diseases. Sticking to government health guidelines, we cut all our chips thick meaning less oil is used which results in a much healthier chip. Great taste and less calories! Win win.